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    Estate Sales

    Each and every Estate Sale is Unique.  Our approach is tailoring our services based on the clients wants and needs.  We handle everything from start to finish.  We make sure the sale is properly setup and marketed to ensure the most people through the door.

    Complete Estate Buy Out

    Some families don’t want to go through the process of doing the estate sale and having hundreds of people in the home.  Or the person/persons having the estate live out of town.  And many times the process is too overwhelming and time consuming. In these situations, we offer to purchase the Entire Home and Contents.  The family walks away with a check and we take care of the rest.  We find most people like this option because everything is taken care of in one step.

    Antique Eval

    Our staff is full of industry experts with over 150 years combined experience in Antiques, Jewelry, Coins, Diamonds, Collectibles and More.

    Commercial and Res

    Not only do we provide Estate services for residential we also offer estate services for commercial clients. If you need to liquidate your business or just looking to make room we can help remove and liquidate all your commercial assets that need to be removed.

    How it Works


    • We will meet you at the sale location and suggest which type of sale option is the best fit for you. We will discuss details of hosting a sale that are specific to your needs and goals.
    • Together we will walk through the house and generally evaluate the items to be sold. We will also request to be informed of any property that will NOT be included in the sale.
    • Together we will determine an available date to hold the sale. Once both parties have agreed and signed a contract, we will move forward to planning the sale.
    • We will review documents regarding the estate sale process and our estate sale contract.
    • Finally, We provide the option of one of our Real Estate Experts to list the home for sale once the estate sale is completed.

    Our Process

    The Consultation

    The free consultation consists of a detailed tour of the home in which the items deemed for sale should be easily identifiable. We will discuss your unique needs, guide you through the next steps of the process, propose a commission (or cost) for our services, and answer any questions you have. The goal here is to set you up for success and provide you with expert material and advice exclusive to our process.

    Staging, Organizing, & Advertising

    This step is essential for aesthetic, customer appeal, and advertising of your estate sale. Our expert team of stagers utilize interior design techniques to merchandise your home and create the ultimate shopping experience. Pairing that with professional photography and a tailored advertising strategy ensures your items will be irresistible and seen by many. Our skilled team ensures special advertisement and appraisal needs are paid to rare antiques, designer merchandise, luxury brands, and other items of high value.

    Pricing & Research

    To obtain the perfect price for every item we combine detailed research with a team of experienced evaluators to ensure each item is valued properly. In this step of our process we have 2 main goals: to ensure all items are at a desirable price point – to produce maximum sale profits – and to sell as many items as possible.

    Hosting the Estate Sale/Selling

    Our combination of trained sales staff and competitive pricing ensures a high percentage of liquidation with the highest possible return. The integrity of your home and security of your high value items matter to us. We are proud to say we have the highest number of staff members, per sale, compared to any of our competitors.

    Post Sale Clean-Out/Collecting your Check

    Our carefully crafted and fine tuned clean-out service provides you with a hands off and stress free close to your estate sale. A representative from Poof! will be on site to manage the whole process, you will receive a detailed donation slip, and you can expect the home to be completely empty in broom swept condition. All you have to do is sit back and collect your check.

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    Our Satisfied Customers

    I’ve been very happy with Michigan Estate Sales. David is very professional and paid close attention to all the details of my sale. I recommended Michigan Estate Sales to anyone that is looking to have an Estate Sale.


    Thank you Ashley for the amazing customer service experience. You went above and beyond in order to work with me all the way from the west coast and got my purchases delivered all the way to Florida!


    I highly recommend Michigan Estate Sales. We didn’t know what to expect but they patiently explained the entire process and took care of all the details. Very fair and honest; a joy to work with and we were extremely pleased with the results.


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